The story of Lori and Alex it's a real beautiful one. A young and happy couple that support each other so they can evolve together and independently, every day!
We had quite a day, me and my two friends: Florin Opris and George Manta, Florin was my mentor and I my truly best friend, he's experimenting with videography these days and he is truly talented. George is my friend and a really good photographer, we have the same passion for nude photography (see my work in Stories), he is one of the best in the business and I invite you to see his work
We worked quite simple during the day, we both documented the event with relax and commitment  , I took the bride side during the preparations and George and Florin went with the groom. 
The church is a really beautiful one, and not just because I used to sing in the chorus  when I was a little boy, it's because of the paintings, they are truly alive and a work of art that will mind blow you. The couple was really relaxed during the ceremony, they even had time for funny moments but also some really deep moments between the two.
Me, George and Florin use the Fujifilm system, I used the Xt-2 as usual, Florin the XH-1 and George the XT-3 and we swapped the lenses between our self's. At the party we felt the need for some flash lights, the sealing was pretty high and it was also a glass one witch absorbed all the on camera flash, so...we quickly installed an Godox AD200 and the big brother AD600 on the diagonal and used the godox trigger to shoot both in the same time. 
The party was a great one, I was the last one to leave the party, it was that great of a party, that after almost 18 hours of shooting I still had the energy to party .
This was a wedding to remember! Thank you Loredana and Alex, thank you dear friends!

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