This year during the pandemic lock down I had the luck to meet Alex Thorne on social media, she was looking for a photographer and I was looking for work. What a luck! This was my test shoot, like a job interview for a future collaboration. Everything was smooth, we just got to know each other, talk, tell story and drink wine on this beautiful balcony in Bucharest, my photographic style is photojournalist so I don't really talk a lot during my shoots also I don't give to much posing indications to my clients. I just guide them in the good light and from there I  just help them calm down throw questions and smiles. Show them that I'm compassionate  about their stories and life struggles or happiness.
I always travel light, after I switched from Nikon more then two years ago, I went for Fuji cameras, just because I loved the way they look, it just felt natural in my hands, ooohh...and the color, my goodness, I love them! Also then I was just started to realize that "less is more". You have no idea what an impact this saying had over me and my photography. I so very much thank that to Marius Barbulescu, one of the very best wedding photographer. 
So! Less is more! Less gear, more skill, more movement, more inspiration, more struggle that compels you go there and get the good shots no matter what! No more gear excuses, no more settings thinking, just breathe, observe, feel, be compassionate  . And that's how I work! 
My gear for this shooting : Fujifilm XT2 and Fujinon 23mm f1.4.
That's it!
Let me know if you want to find more about the camera gear I use, or about the way I shoot, how I get inspired, how I started up, etc.
Special thanks to: Miss Alex Thorne 
Black and white photography
Black and white photography

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